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ISSUE 1.0 December, 1997
  Released in December '97, this issue marked the birth of the online version of PLURAL. The first issue showcased photography by two of the founders of PLURAL, William R. Terrell and Jason Scott Gessner and poetry from the third founder, Tracey M. Gessner. Other hightlights include the beginning of ongoing contributions from Veronica Ceci, this time in the form of an essay, and an interactive hypertext dream journal by Jason Scott Gessner.
ISSUE 2.0 March, 1998
  The first issue to be released in 1998. This time we feature an interview with the mexican photographer Pedro Meyer, printmaking work by Veronica Ceci along with an accompanying written piece that works with the prints as well as independently and a review of Photographer Michiko Kon's artwork and book Still Lives.
ISSUE 3.0 May, 1998
  This time around we feature the photography of artists Manuel Garcia and Surendra Lawoti, both in solo exhibits. Also featured is the painting of Chad Sager and a review of the Milwaukee Art Musuem's art exhibit Identity Crisis
ISSUE 4.0 August, 1998
  This issue features a series of drawings and intaglio prints by artist Jim Gasparick and new photography from Alison McKinzie. Also contained in this issue are two music reviews by Jason Scott Gessner (Sonic Youth's A Thousand Leaves and Fugazi's End Hits), both featuring streaming shockwave clips of various songs.
ISSUE 5.0 Febuary, 1999
  The most packed issue yet. This issue features etchings by Ann-Marie Rounkle, printmaking from Jenifr Westphal and new photography from Fred Landis. Also featured is an article on photographer Robert Capa and a look at Coporate Influence on Digital Artmaking, both written by Jason Scott Gessner.
ISSUE 6.0 May, 2000
  The long awaited comics issue. Over a year in the making, but well worth the wait. Drawings by David Healy and Shawn Calvert are featured. Jason Scott Gessner provides an article about the relationship between the internet and comics, while William R. Terrell brings us an interview with mini-comic creator extraordinaire Matt Feazell.



Shawn Calvert  
  drawing, Drawings by Shawn Calvert
Veronica Ceci  
  writing, Universal Truth, Gradual Destruction of a Square, Identity Crisis printmaking, Gradual Destruction of a Square
Jim Gasparick  
  drawing, intaglio prints, Current Work
Manuel Garcia  
  photography, excerpts from the series Toybox
Jason Scott Gessner  

writing, Corporate Influence on Digital
     Artmaking, Michiko Kon: Still Lives, Robert Capa: Photographs, Sonic
     Youth's A Thousand Leaves, Fugazi's

     End Hits, Comics Vs. The Net
photography, Half-Life and (re)Action

Tracey M. Gessner  
  poetry, excerpts from Ramblings and Revelations
David Healy  
  drawing, Where are you?
Fred Landis  
  photography, Photographs
Surendra Lawoti  
  photography, Cityscapes
Alison McKinzie  
  photography, New Work
Ann-Marie Rounkle  
  printmaking, Etchings

Chad Sager

  painting, Benedictions
William R. Terrell  
  writing, Fine Adventures: A look at Pedro Meyer, The Amazing Matt Feazell
photography, Memory Series
Jenifr Westphal  
  printmaking, Intaglio Prints: The Symbol Series



  Shawn Calvert's Drawings by Shawn Calvert
Jim Gasparick's Current Work
David Healy's
Where are you?
  Chad Sager's Benedictions

Manuel Garcia's excerpts from Toybox
Jason Scott Gessner's Half-Life and (re)Action
Fred Landis' Photographs
Surendra Lawoti's Cityscapes
Alison McKinzie's New Works
William R. Terrell's Memory Series

  Tracey Melissa Gessner's excerpts from Ramblings and Revelations



Veronica Ceci's Gradual Destruction of a Square
Jim Gasparick's Current Work
Ann-Marie Rounkle's Etchings
Jenifr Westphal's Intaglio Prints: The Symbol Series

  Veronica Ceci's Universal Truth, Gradual Destruction of a Square,
     Identity Crisis Review
Jason Scott Gessner's A Hypertext Dream Journal, Michiko Kon: Still Lives,      Sonic Youth's A Thousand Leaves, Fugazi's End Hits, Robert Capa:      Photographs, Corporate Influence on Digital Artmaking, Comics Vs. The Net
William R. Terrell's Fine Adventures: An Interview With Pedro Meyer, The Amazing Matt Feazell


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