Way back in the year 1995, when the Internet was still something called the Information Superhighway, Image Comics was a budding independent, and a new Star Wars movie was nothing but a dream, I made my annual trek to the Chicago ComicCon. It was around this time that I was beginning to finally move away from my fanboy roots and branch out into the wonderful world of independent comics. This year I discovered Beanworld, Cerebus, and a little mini-comic known as Cynicalman.

Cynicalman belongs to the wonderful world of mini-comics, an underappreciated, but truly enjoyable area of comics. There are countless mini-comic creators making their own comics, usually about 1/4 the size of normal full size comics, that you can find in the "artist alley" of any comic con. This was the case with Matt Feazell, whom I stumbled upon in the alley that year. I had heard about his work before and so I ended up purchasing a small stack that day. Since then, I've checked out the mini-comic work of many others, but it is Matt Feazell's mastery of the mini-comic that always seems to bring me back. I've found his work to be consistently funny, engaging and deeply rewarding. Now, five years later, he is still making mini-comics and also working in a field that fits his talent perfectly: The weekly comic strip.

I recently talked to Matt about the strip and his current mini-comics work.

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