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Well, what do you think so far? We hope that the collection of images and text we have presented have provided for an enjoyable journey. It is our hope that you will not only enjoy the work here yourself, but will pass word of us on to your friends and colleagues.
      We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to see us and to explain a little bit about what we are all about. The best way to do this is to explain what the significance of our title and our company is.
      PLURAL is on the web for a reason. Not only to reach the most people, but because the web reinforces some of our basic tenets and hopes for our little corner of the wired world. PLURAL is, similar to the adjective of the same name, about not only variety, but also numbers. Though the artists represented here are a small troupe right now, it is our hope that over the years this gathering place will have seen the likes of many artists that have been around and that are yet to step onto the scene.
      In addition, the web is fast becoming a true multimedia environment, much more than most commercial CD-ROM titles have provided up until this point. So far, we have only text and images, but we soon hope to incorporate video, sound and animation. Thus, PLURAL is about media and how the differences and links between them create new voices and new arenas for presentation and expression. We wish to explore the possibilities of media near the end of the millenium.
      Finally, we would like to point a little attention to our "company" name (which is more of a collective or an impetus rather than a profit-driven business entity). Multiply is a command as well as a name. Spread the word, spread the will. We wish to provide and promote the innovative and ingrained communication and creative models at our disposal. Following this train of thought, some of the items featured within PLURAL are also available as small print editions so that the work can find many audiences. Thanks for coming. We hope you've enjoyed your stay.

Jason Scott Gessner

reach us collectively at multiply@multiply.org

All contents contained herein (c)2000 individual artists. None of the works (in part or whole) may be reprinted or redistributed by any means without the express written consent of the author (who can be reached via Multiply Publishing). Exception for critical reviews is granted providing that some notice is given to the author and the publisher as to where the material will appear. Please direct any comments or criticism to: multiply@multiply.org.