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PLURAL is always interested in receiving submissions for consideration. Here is information about displaying your work in a future issue.


What we want is your best work, whether it visual or written. We want work that challenges us and makes us think. The ideas should be fresh and original. Technical mastery of a medium is not enough. We are open to work in many different mediums including writing, photography, painting, illustration, drawing, printmaking, video, animation, sound, and many others. We welcome submissions from any field. You will be notified within 1-2 weeks of receiving a submission if we have accepted your work.


For image based work

Images may be submitted by email or regular mail at the addresses listed below. Send us no more than 10 images and please include any pertinent information such as titles, a brief description of the work (if it is needed), etc. All of this should total no more than one page. Remember, you are introducing us to your work, so be brief and to the point. If submitting by email, the images should be saved as JPEG files and no more than 250 K total (not individually). Make sure they are saved at 72 dpi and no wider than 600 pixels. If submitting by mail, send slides or files of work on a 3.5 inch floppy. If sending photos, they must be no larger than 8x10.

For text based work

Written word pieces can be submitted by email or by regular mail printed out or on a 3.5 inch floppy disk at the addresses listed below. Send us no more than 10 pages worth of copy of your best work. If it is an excerpt from a larger work, please indicate. If submitting electronically, written work must be saved as TEXT files (ASCII).

Note: Do not forget to include your name and address (including email address if available) with each submission. All notifications of acceptance or rejection of work will be sent via email unless no email address is given.


By email: If submitting electronically, send all submissions to multiply@enteract.com and type SUBMISSION in the subject heading.
By regular mail: Send work to:

Multiply Publishing
Attn: Submission
2308 W. Wilson #1
Chicago, IL 60625.

If you would like the work returned, include SASE and suffienct postage. If postage is not included, the work will NOT be returned.


All submissions become the property of Multiply Publishing. However, if a submission is not approved for exhibit in a future issue, it will be destroyed. If submitting by mail a pre-paid stamped envelope must be included to insure return of the work. If submitting by email, files will be deleted after review if not approved. Multiply Publishing assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged work.

Now get cracking and send us some work!