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MTRecentImages - retrieve images from posts in your blogs and use them in your templates.

Hosting for this project is now on the google code site:

Both of these versions now also support automatic context sensitivity. If you use the MTRecentImages tag inside a categories or entries loop, or on an archive page, the posts searched for images will all come from the proper context unless told otherwise.

Version 1.99 is the best tested version of this code at the moment and supports the context sensitivity.

Version 2.01 supports Movable Type 3.3x. Nothing else has changed about 2.01. Version 2.0 has the first support for Movable Type 3.2. While version 1.99 will work under 3.2, version 2.0 has is better integrated with the plugin settings screens and system plugin overview. Default settings can be specified in the interface, drastically reducing the amount of code needed in your templates.

Contact information for Jason Gessner (the author) is available in the plugin and the documentation. Thanks for checking this out!!!

Screenshots of the new GUI config: